Come along, join in, make friends and have fun!

7:30pm, Tuesday Evening's at the Kings Pub in Portsmouth 



Portsmouth Ukulele Jam

Everyone is invited to come and join us here at Portsmouth Ukulele Jam. Feel free to drop by to take a listen or even partake as we tend to have a couple of spare ukuleles. The atmosphere is very friendly and we invite every newcomer with open arms. The jam is held every Tuesday evening at The Kings Pub on Albert Road in Southsea. We start from 7:30pm but please feel free to join us at any time during the evening. We continue jamming until closing time.

Portsmouth Ukulele jam is about people getting together and having a good time making music; any age, any playing ability. The ukulele has made a come back in the past few years with many people realising it is not just a toy but an exciting, fun and easy instrument to learn and play. The evening begins with more basic songs then as the evening progresses so does the music.

Portsmouth Ukulele Jam hopes to inspire a new generation of ukulele players and to open
the minds of others to this highly versitile instrument. If you are interested in playing the ukulele
then come along to one of our Tuesday night sessions.


All the music we play can be found in our songbooks.
If you have any new suggestions for songs please feel free to let us know

'Songbook 1' - PDF Download
'Songbook 2' - PDF Download
'Song Trial 1' - PDF Download
'Christmas Songbook' - PDF Download

To download the songbooks either open the document then save it to your device or right click on the button then click "Download Linked File"




1When is Portsmouth Ukulele Jam?
Every Tuesday evening from 7:30pm till closing time.
2Where is Portsmouth Ukulele Jam?
The Kings Pub, 39 Albert Road, Southsea, Hampshire, PO5 2SE
3I've never played before, can I come along?
Of course you can. Anyone is welcome to come along. We welcome newcomers with open arms and everyone will be happy to help you learn. If you want to come and listen and enjoy our music that is also very much appreciated.
4How much does it cost?
It is free!
5What is the age limit?
There is no age limit however we do ask any under 16's to come with a parent or guardian.
6Where can I buy my first ukulele?

There are many music shops nearby who will help assist you in choosing the right instrument for you. We recommend Street Level which is on Albert road just a 2 minute walk from the pub.

However for a wider range of instruments we highly recommend our friends at the Southern Ukulele Store in Bournemouth. They have a great online shop too at:

7We would like to book you for our event, are you available?
Please feel free to contact us using the form below. We very rarely play for events as we are primarily setup just as a jam session. If you do want a ukulele band for your event we recommend Strumdiddlyumptious which is made up of members from the jam.